I've been impressed by the ways science gets wrapped up with culture in London and taken part in some events to share science with the public. I'll list some of the things I've done here when I get the chance.

Research Frontiers

An hour long talk I gave for our undergraduates at Imperial to showcase the research their lecturers get up to when they’re not teaching

Science Showoff - Nov 2014

I did a nine minute set on the Cosmic Dawn and the SKA for Science Showoff. This was a lot of fun and gave me a chance to riff off ideas of Cosmic Swiss Cheese, cheesy music, and FM radios.

Science Online London - Nov 2014

Was part of a panel discussing "Twitter and Early Career Researchers: Friend or Foe?". Here I got to play the academic bad cop, arguing that Twitter could be useful, but also a distracting time sink and that the benefits it provided were often not the ones of value to aspiring academics.

Don't feed the scientists

My colleague, Katie Mack, and I cordoned off a small area at the LonCon3 science fiction convention and worked on an astrophysics project. Passersby got to see two astrophysicists hard at work with moments of excitement, lots of tapping at laptops, and scribbing on a white board. We proved surprisingly photogenic!

Big Ideas - ???

Philosophical pub discussion group. I gave a 30 min talk about the limits to our knowledge of the cosmos and implications of various sorts of infinity in cosmology. Then there was an hour of interesting discussion.