The Universe: the full story, by Abraham Loeb and Jonathan Pritchard. New Scientist 27 Oct 2012.


Adventures in time, Dara O'Briain's Science Club. Short clip as part of segment discussing LOFAR and 21cm studies of the first billion years.

December edition of the Jodcast. 20 min interview discussing 21cm studies of the first billion years.

Media mention of my work

Five IOP members are awarded Royal Astronomical Society medals, IoP website, Jan 2017.

RAS honours leading astronomers and geophysicists, RAS website, Jan 2017.

Top astronomical prize for space mission leader (mention of my Fowler award too), Imperial website, Jan 2017.

Far side of the moon offers quiet place for telescopes, by Anil Anathaswamy. New Scientist 30 June 2012.

Lighting the Universe, by Ron Cowen. Science News (July 2011)

Other interviews

Starring role for the UK: The Square Kilometer Array, by Stephen Harris. The Engineer 16 Dec 2013.

A Windy Early Universe, Sky and Telescope by Monica Young (Jun 2012)